Why Bliss by Bre

I know you want…

…to have flawless skin. To feel confident enough to go outside without makeup. To hold your head up high for that upcoming interview, high school reunion, wedding day… to be able to go out in public without feeling shame or embarrassment.
…to age gracefully. To still feel like yourself, but prevent your skin from catching up with you (or your life experience) too soon.

But you keep telling yourself…

”Nothing has ever worked for me before, this won’t be any different. Maybe I’m just not meant to have good skin. I’m not as pretty as she is.
”There’s no natural way to do this! Do I really have to succumb to years of botox and fillers to keep my skin looking youthful?”

And what you really want is…

…to be noticed for the right reasons. To stop hiding behind globs of makeup plastered to your face.
…to feel confident in your own skin.
…to be proud of your age, all the while looking fresh-faced. You appreciate your well-lived years, but don’t want every laugh and frown to show.

I want to tell you that the road to success…

…isn’t as hard as you think. And it’s not your fault that you haven’t gotten there yet. No one told you that taking an all-natural approach was possible. That putting a band aide on the symptoms with a bunch of harsh acids and treatments was going to do the exact opposite of what you were hoping for.
…doesn’t have to be filled with invasive treatments and chemicals. You can have an all-natural approach to preventative skin care that fits in with your already healthy life style. Your skin is VALUABLE, and you should invest wisely.

Here’s how I can help…

…I don’t use anything harsh and I don’t believe in temporary fixes that don’t actually heal what’s going on. We get to the root of the skin matter together! We make sure you get results that will last long-term, so you have nothing to worry about.
…I don’t believe in quick fix solutions. I believe in long-term results that will keep you looking and feeling fresh-faced at any age. Plus everything I use and promote is toxic free.

I will teach you…

1) to be confident in your skin
2) to value yourself
3) to feel proud of who you are
4) to have that youthful excitement again
5) to feel good about aging
6) to look fresh faced
Let’s partner together in YOUR beautiful skin!

Listen, I know what it’s like to feel awkward in your own skin. I know what it feels like to have people look at you for the wrong reasons.

I know what it feels like to want to scream, “This isn’t what I look like on the inside!”

I’ve been there and it wasn’t until I started to push past all of the harsh treatments that I realized I could take an all-natural, yet very effective approach to my skin AND achieve the long-lasting results I was looking for. Now I want to help you do the same.

I know what it’s like to be proactive about health and to invest when and where necessary. To want to value your skin enough to take any preventive measure necessary to still feel like yourself, all while aging gracefully.

I’m someone who always wants to feel optimistic and excited about my future. In order to do that I know that I have to continually invest in my health and my skin care.

Things you should know…

I’m actually an introvert, but a pretty strong willed one you get to know me. I like to think of myself as a leader, a mentor, a coach, as well as a highly sensitive business owner, which makes me highly attuned to what you need! I also love to help people who are battling aging, acne, or rosacea, get to the root of their skin matter…

…so that they not only have skin they’re proud of, but the confidence to go after what they want!

Are you ready to begin your transformation? Book your appointment today. I can’t wait to partner with you in beautiful skin.